Media leaders from Timor-Leste study editorial leadership and security in post-conflict Timor-Leste

November 2008

The goal of this four-week leadership program was to empower news media leaders in Timor-Leste to produce more inclusive and responsible forms of journalism needed for promoting security and rebuilding civil society. Seven journalists from Timor-Leste, identified as leaders or future leaders in their profession, attended the program.

The main aim of the program was to encourage news media leaders to help this developing nation by providing news and feature material that seeks to report public life comprehensively and inclusively. By giving space to groups and individuals who previously have been voiceless and effectively disenfranchised, news media can contribute actively to the national healing process, promote national security and help broaden participation in civil society.

The program was funded by AusAID as part of its Australian Leadership Awards (ALA), and was hosted by the APJC.

APJC fellows:

Mr Godhino Barros, senior reporter, Suara Timor-Lorosae
Mr Jose Gabriel da Costa, editor-in-chief, Diario Nacional and Semanario
Ms Gracinda da Cruz Freitas, reporter and news editor, Radio Communidade Rakambia
Mr Rosario Da Graca Maia, director, Radio Timor-Leste
Mr Nascimento Provinsial, editor, Radio Comunidade Los Palos
Ms Maria- Zevonia Fernandes Vieira, editor and reporter, Kla’ak magazine
Mr Jose Ximenes, senior editor, Timor Pos