Asia Pacific

Journalists produce manuals on reporting business and economics

October-November 2012

Eight journalists from Indonesia, Timor-Leste, Fiji, Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands have each produced a manual for reporting business and economics in their home country.

The journalists, from print and online publications, took part in an AusAID-supported APJC program, Leadership in Reporting Economic Development, held in October and November 2012.

At  workshop sessions at the APJC, the group learned from senior journalists about the methods and tools needed for  effective  reporting on business and economics.

Other presentations covered global economic development, poverty, and the impact of climate change on the Asia Pacific region. The group also took part in workshops on leadership and digital media.

During professional visits in Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra, the group met editors, business leaders, academics, and representatives of development agencies and not-for-profit organisations.

Fellows had  professional attachments with news media organisations where they learned how Australian media is adapting to multimedia platforms.

APJC Fellows:

Ms Embelina Amaral, reporter, Jornal Nacional Diario Semanario, Timor-Leste
Mr Yermias Degei, editor-in-chief,, Indonesia
Mr Eddie Trevor Osifelo, senior reporter, Solomon Star, Solomon Islands
Ms Geraldine Panapasa, deputy editor, Fiji Times, Fiji
Ms Bosorina Robby, business reporter, The National, Papua New Guinea
Ms Novita Simamora, freelance reporter, Indonesia
Mr Yanuarius Viodeogo Seno, reporter, Borneo Tribune Daily News, Indonesia
Ms Ancilla Wrakuale, business reporter, The Post Courier, Papua New Guinea