“I appreciate the important role that journalists have in keeping communities informed about development-related issues, especially in the Pacific islands.”

– Tiriseyani Naulivou

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The APJC mission

The APJC was established as a not-for profit in 2003 with the mission of “helping media in the Asia Pacific region share professional knowledge in a changing world”.

The mission recognises that news media are affected by broader changes in society, such as globalisation, digital transformations, and changing relationships between government, media and society.

It also recognises that media development is an important tool for economic and social development in the developing world.

The APJC’s programs fall into two broad categories:

  • professional development programs for media people in developing countries
  • cultural exchange and innovation programs for media people generally.

The centre works with like-minded international organisations committed to strengthening the capacity of news media to produce robust, independent and informed journalism.