Asia Pacific

Asia Pacific journalists study reporting business, finance and economic news

September-October 2009

Ten journalists identified as leaders or future leaders in their profession took part in a five-week program on Reporting International Trade and Economic Affairs.

The program was aimed at helping editors and journalists in the Asia Pacific region report the business and economic life of their communities more effectively. The program consisted of a one-week leadership workshop, a two-week master class on Reporting Economic Affairs, news media attachments and professional visits to business, media and other institutions in Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney.

Senior Australian journalists accompanied participants on the visits and acted as mentors during the program.

APJC fellows

Ms Caroline Delaivoni, senior reporter, Fiji Sun, Fiji
Mr Noemio Falcao, journalist, Diario Nacional, Timor-Leste
Mr Priestley Habru, editor, Island Sun Newspaper, Solomon Islands
Ms Sheila Lasibori, journalist, The National newspaper, PNG
Mr Fermin Meriang, editor, Island Sun Newspaper, Palau
Mr Frans Obon, journalist, Flores Pos, Ende, Indonesia
Mr John Pakage, stringer/correspondent, Suara Perempuan Papua
Ms Hermina Pello, reporter, Pos Kupang Daily, Indonesia
Ms Glenda Popot, reporter, FM100 Radio, PNG
Mr Azis Tunny, correspondent, Jakarta Post, Ambon, Indonesia Weekly, Reuters (Jakarta), Globe (Jakarta), Timika, Indonesia