Asia Pacific

Indonesian, Pacific journalists explore mining impacts

August-September 2013 Journalists from Fiji, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands sharpened their skills for reporting on mining and its impacts during a five-week fellowship with the APJC in September 2013. The Australian Awards Fellowship program, Mining, Media and Development: Regional knowledge-sharing, aimed to contribute to greater public understanding of mining in the journalists’ […]

Pacific journalists gain insights into covering elections

September 2013 Eight senior journalists from the Pacific say they gained valuable insights into news reporting on electoral processes during a week-long program to monitor election coverage in Australia. “It gave me, a journalist from Fiji, the chance to rub shoulders with the best of the best in Australia,” Vijay Narayan, news director at Fiji […]
Asia Pacific

eTour looks at Iraq development challenge after 10 years of conflict

March 2013 Eleven early-career journalists took a virtual tour to Iraq to investigate the massive health and other development challenges facing the country 10 years after the start of the US-led invasion on 19 March 2003. The project, Iraq 10 Years On: reporting the development challenge, involved briefings and presentations at the APJC in Melbourne […]
Asia Pacific

Journalists produce manuals on reporting business and economics

October-November 2012 Eight journalists from Indonesia, Timor-Leste, Fiji, Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands have each produced a manual for reporting business and economics in their home country. The journalists, from print and online publications, took part in an AusAID-supported APJC program, Leadership in Reporting Economic Development, held in October and November 2012. At  workshop […]
Asia Pacific

Timor-Leste broadcasters focus on community development

September-October 2012 Ten Timor-Leste community broadcasters produced strategies for making their stations play a stronger role in their communities at an AusAID-supported program at the APJC in October. The program, Community Radio for Development in Timor-Leste, focused on skills in journalism, radio production and management, with an emphasis on building links with communities. It was […]